The Frostrune to release February 2!

A viking house of worship covered in frost with a bonfire outside

Yes that’s right – it’s just a week away!

We are officially launching The Frostrune on iOS, Steam, Android and Amazon next week on February 2!

While you’re waiting, make sure to wishlist us on Steam:

And here’s the full series of the story trailers to enjoy … and perhaps study in preparation for playing the game:



The Frostrune:
Tyrving, the sword:



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Grimnir is an independent video game developer formed in 2013 out of a common passion and interest for the Viking age and games. Grimnir is dedicated to bringing the stories from the Viking age to a wider audience and believes that focus on authenticity in environments, people and objects helps with immersion, and enhances storytelling. Our games are inspired by the myths and folklore of the Norse people. By cooperating with great artists and animators, we want to share these stories and create powerful digital experiences.


Snow Cannon Games is not your average independent video game publisher: our choice clients are those whose work does not necessarily conform to mainstream interests, yet oozes with creativity and fun factor. We are committed to helping these underserved voices reach broader audiences and build financially successful titles—a commitment made possible by the extensive experience and network of our stellar team of industry veterans. Learn more at


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Linn Sovig
COO, Snow Cannon Games

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