Successful campaigns are built on strong research. This is why we conduct competitive and target market analyses of the games we work with before making any suggestions to our clients. It's also why we’ve established a strong relationship with EEDAR, the leading provider of video game research, forecasting and intelligence. Through our research process, each game’s target markets and competitive advantages are identified so we can develop campaigns that resonate.


Making your game available where your target market goes to consume games, is a major part of sales generation. Unfortunately, getting your game where it needs to be often requires a lot of time and money. Time and money that we believe is better spent making your game. Whether it’s PC, console, mobile, handheld or VR, leverage our relationships with these platforms and mad paperwork skills, so you can focus on what you love to do: Making games.

Marketing & PR

Effective marketing is not one size fits all. It starts with messaging that communicates your game’s competitive advantages to your target market in a compelling way, then disseminates that messaging across multiple channels. Our marketing team understands this and will work closely with you to put together a custom campaign that includes asset creation/guidance, community building/management, media planning/buying and public relations.

External Producer Services

Launch your game with a level of polish you can write home about by tapping into the minds of seasoned industry experts. Our team of executive producers have collectively worked on hundreds of games, including AAA titles like EverQuest and the Call of Duty franchise. From design to QA to monetization and beyond, they will help you refine your game so it maintains the integrity of your creative vision, yet is optimized for the enjoyment of your target audience.